A successful business is impossible to achieve without the support of excellent clients.

Our clients represent a wide range of industries, including:

~Retail             ~Marketing             ~Graphic & Web Design             ~Contracting

~Software Training               ~Professional Services                 ~Physical Therapy

~Advertising             ~Financial                     ~Legal                  ~Personal Training


"Terri has been a Godsend to me in my efforts to systematize my business by outsourcing those tasks for which I may be poorly suited! She not only keeps my books nice and tidy, she makes wise recommendations to help me stay financially organized and make the most of my money and time. She's very accomodating and saves me trouble by coming to my office, which means less down time for me. Even if you are embarassed at the condition your company's books are in, don't hesitate to call Terri...she won't tell anyone!"

    ~Gwen Nelson, The Growth Coach


“Terri is completely trustworthy, easy to work with, and has made my life as a business owner so much easier! She cheerfully does all the work I used to dread, and with much greater attention to detail than I ever could have. Thanks to Terri, I can focus on what I love to do because I know that my bookkeeping tasks are done well and on-time.” 

        ~Christina Steder, Owner, Clear Verve Marketing


"I recently began working with Terri and it was one of the best business decisions I have made as a business owner.Terri does GREAT affordable bookkeeping in store, is a joy to work with and has eliminated the chore of "doing the books" which ultimately is my responsibility that I do not like doing. I wish I had met and hired Terri sooner!"

                                                         ~Scott Rondeau, Candy Bouquet

“Terri is a very detailed and energetic addition to any office environment. I've worked with Terri as a colleague and most recently have utilized her services to streamline bookkeeping and accounting processes. She has excellent people skills and initiative and will gladly take on the challenge of anything that comes her way.” 

            ~Nicole Eberhardy, Owner, Brand Next